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I recently had a small fender bender in the front left bumper I took a trip body shop got it fixed and when I got my car back it was making a screeching noise and the steering wasn't well. Shortly prior to the body shop I also had two front tires replaced. I took it back to the body shop and they found that the rear suspension is that one of the ...

Theres this hose on top of the rransmissuon thats not connected its looks like a vacuum line but its just hanging there

Why am I burning a a quarter tank of gas in 31 miles and i the check engine light is on

What makes my ride burn a quarter of gas on the highway in 31 miles

My ride burns way more gas than it did before I changed my knock sensor now I only get 31 miles from a quarter tank to empty why?

I recently bought a 2000 Honda Accord with 126,583 miles on it, or at least, I thought that that was the true mileage. I’ve had it a week and I noticed that the odometer “counts up/on” like it should, except after it reaches 126,599 while driving, it resets itself back to 126,583. This “reset” has occurred several times. The ...

Hi I brought a VW beetle 2004 and it was driving fine then is went through a storm and the check engine light has come on nothing else is to worry can drive fine every thing works fine I have been told the a sensor could of gotten wet but I wanted a second opinion

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