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I'm replacing the timing belt. I took head off make sure wasn't warped or no damage, but when I put it back on, I forgot to line up the timing marks. Is it okay if I turn it while it's on the motor or do I need to take it back off?
Red light is flashing on dash near front window. What is the car telling me? It is not the 'check engine lite'.
I am seeing steam from the dash and am having an overheating problem. What could be causing this?
I have a 99 dodge Straus I have two lights./1 light tells me I'm out of fuel 2 the other one is blinking like a gas pump what is wrong I just fill it up gas.
My 1992 Honda Accord starts but will not go, like the brakes are severely stuck. It's standard transmission and recently we had to go in very high water!! What could it be ???
Just bought the car need to know what kind of oil I should use?
What kind of oil is comparable to motorcraft oil?

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