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I would like to know how many quarts of transmission fluid my truck should have in it
I have 2005 PT cruiser convertible with turbo four-cylinder. It was totaled out at one time and put back on the market after repair. I had 2 sensors at the bottom of the engine replaced. The ck engine lights went out And stayed out after being reset for approximately 8 miles. Then they came back on. This car will hardly ever been driven only when it’s ...
There is a connector with three wires that's not plugged in anything that is taped to the wiring harness that goes to the fuse box it's green blue and yellow with red stripes or and it's not plugged in anything what is it
Test question, please ignore!
My Civic has been fluctuating temperature when at idle. It’ll go up a couple notches towards hott and then go back down to normal once I start driving. Coolant was filled and that didn’t seem to help either.
Can someone help me please I bought my car and one week after my cuenco engine light is one everything is good but when I turn to the right the car make a rare sound. Please help me! Thank you!
My key doesn’t want to come out of ignition

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