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Rebecca Chernek

President and Founder, Chernek Consulting Inc.
Becky Chernek, president and founder of Chernek Consulting Incorporated, was first exposed to car sales while helping her father run their family owned Cadillac and Pontiac dealerships in Maryland. Since then, she has enjoyed an exemplary sales career spanning almost two decades, and experienced every aspect of the car sales process, including: sales manager, general sales manager, and district sales manager. She is AFIP certified and has worked with many industry leaders, including JM&A and AutoNation.

For the past seven years, Becky has devoted her energy to helping others achieve sales excellence. She has helped hundreds of car, RV and marine dealerships throughout the United States and Canada refine the sales process and increase their profits. "Learning Has Never Been This Much Fun" has become her trademark slogan, and she has earned a laudatory reputation for her rapid-paced, high-energy, action-packed teaching style.

Her unique workshop methods offer a refreshing way for attendees to learn the subject matter and have proven to be more retention effective over methods found in more traditional seminars. This same style is incorporated into her personal in-store consultations, for a more one-on-one learning experience.


Finance & Insurance (F&I) training for automotive, RV, power-sport dealers, credit union and call centers nationwide.


Finance & Insurance (F&I) training for automotive, RV, power-sport dealers, credit union and call centers nationwide.


Finance & Insurance (F&I) training for automotive, RV, power-sport dealers, credit union and call centers nationwide.


Chernek is an AFIP industry member. As a consultant, trainer, and nationally renowned expert in F&I and sales procedures, she has assisted hundreds of car, RV, and marine dealerships throughout the United States and Canada in streamlining their processes and closing techniques that significantly raise their bottom profit line. She writes regularly for F&I Management Technology, Auto Dealer Monthly, Wards Business and Dealer Edge magazines and has recently joined ADI as a professor, conducting all of their dealer-exclusive workshops. She packs a serious punch and has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to increasing the bottom line profit for dealers. She has also obtained exclusive rights for the ADI’s revolutionary Web-based F&I Management training program.

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Rebecca Chernek recently answered these important automotive questions:

I am planning to buy the new Honda Accord coupe 2008 in July 2008. My credit score is just "good" and I am afraid that dealer will turn me down and also I don't know If to finance or lease? Read Answers

Patty, I am a single mother of three trying to go through the L.V.N program in Amarillo TX. I get no child support the children Read Answers

In Oct 2003 I bought a 2000 Chevy Blazer for 10888. In Jan 2005 the engine basically imploded. My auto insurance said it was not a covered loss. I still owed 7500 on it. I ended up rushing into a Chevy Colorado pickup. I owe 22k on the loan and the truck is worth 11000. My current payments are 475 a mo @9.5%. I still have 52 mo left on the loan. I need something more fuel efficient. I drive 20 miles r/t to work daily. What should I do? Read Answers

I have fallen into a financial mistake, unfortunately I can not find a family member or friend who will give me some good advice, they just like to remind me about the mistake made. Anyway, I recently bought a 2006 Ford Focus. I owe 16,000. I can not afford to keep it. I Read Answers

It Read Answers

My daughter and her friend went in to a local dealership and test drove a van. The salesman quoted my daughter a price to trade in her car and she stated she would need some time to consider everything and talk to me (her mother) because my name is on her car loan. Saturday, her friend went in and tried to turn the van back in but they wouldn?t let him leave. He stated many times that he would need to speak to my daughter and that she would have to come in with him to sign everything. They still wouldn?t let him leave. He repeatedly told them he couldn?t sign over her car because it isn?t his. They wouldn?t let him leave without signing a lease contract. My daughter tried calling the dealership while he was there but they wouldn?t pick up the phone. They called her back after her friend had signed the lease and she told them she would not agree to the terms of the lease. They told her they were closed for the weekend but to come in this morning. They both went in this morning and she explained that I would not agree to sign over the title to her car. They would not let them leave the dealership and threatened to prosecute them if they did. They kept them there for hours and continued to threaten my daughter until she broke down crying. She told them many times that she had to leave for class - she missed it completely. Isn?t what they did illegal? We don?t have the money to hire an attorney - what can we do? My daughter finally left the dealership with her car and left the van but her child?s car seat is locked in the van. I know they would never have treated a man the way they did my daughter. In fact, she said they treated her friend really nice but were mean and disrespectful to her. What should we do? Read Answers

I am trying to buy a new car. The dealership has been screwing me around for 3 days. When I finally went in last night they told me I had no credit score and they had a used car picked out for me because they said I was only approved for a certain amount. I even have a trade in. I am not comfortable with them picking my car out and they never really gave me any straight answers. What should I do?? Read Answers

Dear Patty, I just leased a 06 4 Runner in the end of March 07...I traded in my Sienna thinking it would get great gas mileage like my Sienna. I was not smart and bought the car then found out it is a gas hog! I have a 3 yr. lease, pymts almost $500 mth. for 3 yrs. and I put $15,000 down. HELP!!! Can I get out of my mess I got myself into without losing $$$ Read Answers

Hello, What do you think of the "buy here, pay here" lots for people with damaged credit, and, low down payment (1,500.00)? Thank you Read Answers

I am interested in purchasing the extended warranty coverage offered through GEICO insurance which claims to be better than what is offered by manufacturers. I recently purchased a 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic and would be eligible for GEICO Read Answers

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