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Suzanne Grego

Technician, City of Philadelphia Fleet Management

Suzanne's curiosity in cars began as early as eight years old, when her father brought her to a classic car show. It wasn't just the shine of the paint that caught her eye. When she heard the rumble of the engines, she was automatically curious about the machines and how the engine produced such a magnificent noise.

Years later, Suzanne began college at the University at Buffalo, just a short trip from her parents' home outside of Rochester, New York. When the time came for her to purchase her first car, she became even more excited about the ins and outs of automobiles. She started doing her own oil changes and replacing brake pads with a little assistance from her father. In 1999, she graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Film and English and she headed to California to become a filmmaker. However, not enjoying the West coast, she once again packed up her bags and headed to Philadelphia. Knowing it was time to get serious about life, she asked herself, "what is the one thing that I could do to wake up everyday and want to go to work?" The answer: fixing cars.

With only a basic understanding and limited maintenance experience, she realized she needed to go to school. She enrolled herself into the Automotive Technology Department at Community College of Philadelphia graduated in 2003 with her Associates degree. While enrolled in school, she also took advantage of a Ford Training Program which placed her into her first mechanics job in a Ford dealership.

Suzanne currently works as a technician for the City of Philadelphia, Fleet Management. She fixes and maintains the performance of the Water Department cars and trucks. She thoroughly enjoys her job, and the excitement that new challenges everyday bring to her.

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