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Amy Mattinat

Owner and Author, Auto Craftsmen Ltd

Amy Mattinat is the owner of Auto Craftsmen, an independent dealership in Vermont.
Amy is passionate about automotive excellence. She feels that great customer service, communication, and continually educating her clients and staff are the key to her success.

Amy wrote, "How To Buy A Great Used Car", which is available FREE at She believes that anyone can purchase a quality used car no matter what their budget is. They just need to do their “homework.”

Amy writes a monthly column "Under The Hood" for Vermont Women Magazine, a newsletter called "Fuel For Thought", has an automotive blog: "" and gives weekly automotive tips on two radio stations. Amy belongs to the Car Care Council's Women's Board, WAAI: Women's Automotive Association International, and Rotary International. She is on the automotive expert advisory panel for, is on the board of WBON: Women Business Owner's Networking, and is Central Vermont 'Toys for Tots' Coordinator.

Amy puts on monthly Women Car Care Clinics at her shop, and has given workshops to other independent shops on "How to Improve Communication with your customers and Create Lasting, Top-Notch Customer Service."

Visit Amy Mattinat online at

Amy Mattinat recently answered these important automotive questions:

Hello my name is Amber and I have a Toyota Camry 95. There's actually a few things wrong with my vehicle and I am scared to just go to a mechanic because they treat women like we're stupid and then make us pay for unnecessary work. The car shifts into D R N 2 and L clean but when I'm driving and trying to pick up speed the car doesn't shift properly and it feels sort of like it's not being grabbed properly, it kinda slips. And then the car won't go over 20mph and the rpms goes into the 4 area and revvs like its racing and isn't really going anywhere. Also there's a screeching noise that's in the driver's front tire area: it's loud and stops when the brakes are applied. Then there was coolant all over the inside of the car and the amount was barely at the fill line when I left, but when I got home and the amount was way to the top almost and the coolant over flowed from the antifreeze tank. Terribly concerned please help me Read Answers

When driving my Honda Civic, its belts squeal. it starts accelerating on its own, and my temp gauge stays on cool Read Answers

I just had thermostat put in two days ago along with a radiator cap replaced. Car had been overheating but not a problem anymore. Now my front window fogs up when I'm driving car. Never did before the repairs. Could this be moisture? If so what is there to do? Read Answers

When I was getting a flat repaired recently, I was told that I should replace all the tires on my car. The cost would be between $400 and $500. Is there enough value in the car for this to be a good thing to do or would I be better off just replacing the car? Read Answers

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry and the windshield washer doesn't work. Where should I start? Read Answers

The horns for my car are located on the two sides of the steering wheel across from each other. the buttons are small and, if you needed to honk quickly, you would not instinctively hit these, but would hit in the middle of the steering wheel (like every other make I have ever seen has the horn). when I drive I have to put one finger on one of the horns. is there any way to install a horn in the middle? and if so, how? Read Answers

My VW EOS won't start for the 3rd time in the past 2 months . During the first time, thank God I was at home. The car would click but would not start. The dealership replaced the battery. A few weeks later, the car would not start again. Same symptoms - clicking noise but this time would start but would cut off immediately. The alternator light appeared in red on the dashboard. Unfortunately, the dealership could not replicate the issue because after 20-30 min of sitting idle, it would start. Fast forward to today, my car would not start again. Same symptoms - clicking, start and immediately shut off; alternator light on. After sitting idle for 30 min, the car finally started and I was able to drive it home. What is wrong with this car? And why does this problem appear intermittently like this? Read Answers

Should I buy a 2012 Honda civic with 155000 miles? It will come with a maintenance plan free. The purchase price is $7800.00. Read Answers

Hello, I have a 2002 Honda Civic ex when cold first starting up ,car will go into gear reverse & driver after about 2 mins car want do nothing in any gear what do think the problem is? Read Answers

so I was driving my Honda Accord the other day and when I got off the freeway I noticed that my car was making a weird noise like a milk carton was on the bottom of it and it's like riding or grinding on if I can get some kind of help I would really appreciate it if someone I know that works on cars stated that it could possibly be my starter pin or something like that but if anybody can give me some kind of response it'll be awesome thanks Read Answers

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