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Susan Givens

Publisher, Auto Success Magazine - System Publishing , Inc.

Susan Givens is the Owner and Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine. Susan started with AutoSuccess Magazine in her final semester at the University of Louisville where she received her degree with a major in Business Management and a minor in International Business. The focus of the magazine is to create a positive avenue for the readers to learn and grow. Susan has made this way of thinking part of her everyday life.

"By staying positive, you can learn and grow so much faster!"

Since starting with AutoSuccess Magazine, she has seen the industry changing. "More women are influencing the automotive industry than ever before, it's an exciting time for both consumer and automotive industry women!"

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Susan Givens recently answered these important automotive questions:

I need to find a new(er) car. I live in Northeast Ohio, with lots of winter weather. I travel 55 miles round trip each day and need something that travels well in (very) inclement weather. My husband wants a truck. Truth is, if it works I do not care, but I would prefer a closed in vehicle (car, station wagon, crossover SUV). My husband insists it should have 4-wheel drive to get through the snow. I agree. Any suggestions? Read Answers

I am trying to sell a 2006 expedition - Eddie Bauer. I have listed it on every site I could of - no activity...any suggestions. thank you Read Answers

I want to sell my car private party vs. trading it in, however I prefer not having to disclose my personal contact information. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you! Read Answers

is there anyway to rent/lease a mary kay pink cadillac? Read Answers

What is the average length of time it takes to buy a used car? Including start to finish, from thinking I Read Answers

I am in the market to buy a new car preferably an SUV ,I want one that can carry at least 6-7 passengers. We have lots of snow and I drive 70 miles to work three days a week so i want a reliable suv but economical as well. My choices at this time include suzuki xl7,honda pilot, pathfinder and toyota 4runner. Which should I choose? In need of advice deb Read Answers

I am going through a divorce and my husband has left me in debt. my car that I had has been totaled out and I am in need of a car and i have a 1000 to 1200 down payment Read Answers

I need help finding a car for myself. I Read Answers

What is the best way to get the price down and negotiate a lease on the 2008 model? Also, a hybrid 4 yr lease vs regular RX SUV, which is better deal (with cost of gas rising)? Read Answers

Hi! I'm buying my first car and I'm on a rather tight budget. I've narrowed it down to 2 cars but I'm not sure which to get. All things being roughly equal in terms of overall condition and price, which is a better car - a 91 Toyota Celica with 125k miles or a 94 Geo Prizm with 103k miles? I'm looking for a car that will last while without having to sink a lot of money into maintaining it. Thanks! Jame Read Answers

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