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Cherie Watters

President of Sales and Marketing,

Cherie Watters Bio

As a female General Manager, Cherie faced many obstacles while climbing the ladder in this very male-dominated industry. Cherie has taken on the challenge with a proven record of success and  now is inspired to help others to do the same by sharing her experience and knowledge with them. A big believer in honesty and integrity and Cherie  shares those same values with her staff, and colleagues, as well as anyone that she encounters personally.


Cherie is honored to have served in many leadership roles outside of the dealership including President of the Advertising Association with Hyundai Motor America and co-founder of the Women’s Business Association in the San Gabriel Regional Chamber of Commerce, Board member for the Chamber and the Economic Development committee’s. The dealership she managed was awarded business of the year for San Gabriel Valley and was voted reader’s choice number one new car dealership. She was honored to be awarded with the 2012 Spirit of Leadership award from the Women’s Automotive Association International and am grateful to be asked to attend and speak at many motivational and instructional events. 

I started my automotive career working in the accounting department and eventually worked my way up to Controller for a very large dealer group.  I gained a lot of experience in the Controller position, making it a point to engage in every department of the dealership. I wanted to have a complete understanding of how things worked in all areas of the dealership, not just talking with people in different departments, but actually working day to day in those departments. That experience really helped me to understand the challenges employees face every day. The more I could make the employees' jobs easier and less complicated, the better they could service the customers. The better service the customers received, the more they would come back and give us referrals. I use this philosophy along with my knowledge and skills to be successful in my current position as the President of Sales and Marketing at

I am extremely lucky to have been trained by some very successful and truly wonderful mentors in this business. I made it a point to attend automotive seminars and workshops; I have listened to great speakers that have inspired me; I still keep this good habit today because I think it is important to constantly stay on top of your game and think out of the box.

I am a big believer in honesty and integrity and I share those same values with my staff and business contacts and colleagues, as well as anyone that I encounter personally.  My philosophy is: If you make people happy, take care of their needs and listen to them, you have made a customer and friend for the long term and they will keep coming back.

I have served in many leadership roles outside of the dealership including President of the Advertising Association with Hyundai Motor America and co-founder of the Women’s Business Association in the San Gabriel Regional Chamber of Commerce. I was honored to be awarded with the 2012 Spirit of Leadership award from the Women’s Automotive Association International.

I am a graduate from Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga School of Business with a Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance and I am currently studying for my MBA in Business Management.


Dealership Best Practices:

  • Dealership Team Building for Success
  • How to Start a New Dealership Point and Succeed

Women, Careers and How to Succeed in Business 

  • Hiring and Retaining Women - Best Practices
  • Creating Women Leaders
  • Motivating Women to Succeed in Business

Inspirational and Motivational 

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  • Dealership Best Practices
  • Women, Careers and How to Succeed in Business 
  • Inspirational and Motivational 


  • Dealership Best Practices
  • Women, Careers and How to Succeed in Business 
  • Inspirational and Motivational 

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