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Helaine Kurot

Owner/Technician, 360 Automotive

Helaine graduated from SUNY Morrisville in 2002 with the intent of going out west to train horses.  After bringing her car in to a local shop for a brake check and leaving (after paying for repairs) with NO brake pedal, she decided to learn how to fix it herself.
A year and a half later in 2005, Helaine graduated from UTI’s Exton, PA campus.  Since then, she has become certified for both gas and diesel repair from Ford and Chrysler.  She is also an ASE Certified Master Technician, along with L1 (advance engine diagnostics) and A9 (Light duty diesel), 609 (A/C), PA inspection license and NY inspection license.
Helaine now has a shop in Cottonwood, AZ.

Visit Helaine Kurot online at

Helaine Kurot recently answered these important automotive questions:

My Honda said it was over heating but nothing was leaking, it then started knocking and check engine light came on do you know what the problem may be??? Read Answers

My car just shut off and I found out there was no oil -- but no engine or oil lights ever came on until it shut down. Only 100 miles past oil change . No over heat light or anything came on, the tow truck driver says it may have a shut-down feature so it won't overheat but not sure . Put oil in it and reset the battery and still nothing. Read maybe timing or reset the ECU but I just find it strange that no lights or warnings ever came on Read Answers

Purchased 2011 Subaru Legacy (CVT) about 2 years ago with 70K miles (rental car). Currently at 111K. For the past few months, it stalls out when braking suddenly. Lights on dash illuminate, I put it in park, and just restart it. No noticeable issues when actually driving. Seems to shift and ride fine at city and highway speeds, but the stalling is getting worse. My usual repair shop doesn't do transmissions but suggested a solenoid issue. Waiting to take it to transmission specialist shop, but because the potential repair could be well over $1 K, I wanted to get another thought. Thanks. Read Answers

So there I was driving my wife to work early in the morning, and my 1992 Honda Accord LX was running fine as usual. After dropping her off, I drove home and parked. As I was getting out of my Honda, I heard a loud rumbling sound and then BOOM! Something under the hood of my Honda Accord exploded and there was smoke everywhere or what looked to be a lot of steam. After minutes of looking for the source, I found that the heater core house had exploded! What could have caused this all-of-a-sudden issue to occur? Please help. Read Answers

This morning I turned on my car and the check engine light came on while the VSC light blinked and the traction signal was also on. When I try to accelerate on the highway, it will get to about 50 and stop while the rpms still want to increase? Read Answers

My heat and A/C seem to have a short: it will pop on and off. Now my temperature gauge is reading high. What could be wrong? Read Answers

When I turn on the ac on my Honda Accord to a full speed it works okay at first, but after a half hour the ac starts blowing just a little of bit of cool air. I checked the fan blower and it is working fine. What else could it be? Read Answers

Car cut off while i was driving; it and cranks back up but for no more than 2 seconds. Read Answers

I have a 2005 Chevolet Impala and I just had to take it to the dealer to get it reprogrammed and now it won't shift out of 2nd gear unless it's freezing cold or have not been cranked for a week or two, and every light stays on on my dash. what could be the reason it's not shifting out Read Answers

My son's car is slipping in and out of gear. It revs up real high and he has to let off the gas and play around with it but the car barely goes. He barely made it home. He discovered he's leaving a trail of fluid. There was a lot of debris in the road from a big windstorm tonight so he said it's possible he might've hit something. Any idea what could be going on? Read Answers

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