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Karen Salvaggio

Owner/ Editor Thunder Valley Racing and Professional Race Car Driver, Thunder Valley Racing

Karen Salvaggio is Editor in Chief for Thunder Valley Racing, an automobile racing promotions, marketing, and management company created to develop women race car drivers, has an illustrious 20-year career in motorsports with over 150 first place finishes in driving competitions. She has also served nine years in the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and currently serves as director of Student Support Services for a school district in Riverside, California.

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Karen Salvaggio recently answered these important automotive questions:


I was jumping the battery but got the cables mixed up and connected the positive to the negative and the negative to the positive. Some sparks flew. Now the car is dead. Is the electrical system totally destroyed? Is it just that I fried the battery? Or were some fuses just blown? Read Answers

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My antilock light is on all the time while Im driving.I fix my brake last week,And still the light on. Read Answers

I am a 22 year old female who just finished a 2-year automotive program at Highland Community College in Illinois. How can I find a female-friendly garage where I can begin working? I am great with customers and can hold my own with the guys. How do I find a place to get started in my career? I live near Rochelle, IL. Read Answers

Turned dial to defrost, and now will not change back to blowing out the dash vents Read Answers

How often should i have my oil changed Read Answers

my chevrolet tahoe has to much transmission fluid in it and it slips some times i put lube guard treatment in the black bottle and now it runs fine in mild temperatures and in cold temperatures it acts funny whats the problem Read Answers

My car has a clunk sound on the passenger Front wheel It sounds like the wheels going to fall off But it doesn't happen all the time when it's really cold outside it happens a lot. Read Answers

I have a Honda Element and it is now considered Totaled. I was wondering if when my insurance pays me the value if they then own it or is it still mine? I was told by someone I know that it was still mine but I was unsure if that was true or the person didn't know what they were talking about. Please help. thanks Read Answers

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