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Chris Walsh

Owner, Consolidated Automotive Services of indiana

Chris Resides in Nashville Indiana where she owns an Automotive titling company. She and her
husband Alan raise Thoroughbred race horses. Chris has 25 years in the Automotive industry,
16 years of it with a large auction chain. She was responsible for  commercial account
operations which included starting a titling division for the auction chains’ remarketing
company.  That company which is still in operation today services clients from all over the
country. Chris’s goal is to help individuals who purchase vehicles privately through the
internet insuring they have a good negotiable title once the sale is complete.  For more
information about automotive title services go to

Visit Chris Walsh online at

Chris Walsh recently answered these important automotive questions:

My car was recently totaled and I am looking to get into a small used car with great resale value, great fuel economy and cheap insurance premiums. I was looking at a Fiat 500 pop with 35,000 mi. on it that seemed to hit every mark except the resale value. I really want to sell whatever car I get in a year or two so that I can save money for a car that I really want to keep long term. Therefore resale value is important to me. Do you think this Fiat will give me that? If not, is there a used car that you could recommend? I know the Honda Fit is a constant favorite but I'm not in love with it. Thank you, Megan Read Answers

Hello, I have a general question I hope you can give me better insight on. I recently seen a used car posted online for the price 17.774. The car was traded in this past weekend so when I seen it they hadn't cleaned it out yet from the trade deal. Upon going up to the dealership and going through all the "negotiations" I went back to the financing department to finalize the deal. To make a long story, the financing individual documented the Base Vehicle price at 18,395. When I asked her why the price was 18,395 she said because it included fees and freight. The title tax, processing fees, etc are documented on my contract but the so called freight was added in the price of the car. I asked her why It wasn't documented and she claimed they do that with all their cars to make their prices more competitive, and so they can get their 6% from the government or something. She said on all contracts the freight line is listed N/A. My argument is if the price of the vehicle was advertised at 17,774 should that have been documented at the base vehicle price or are they legit in adding the "freight" charge in the base price and writing that down? Your answers will really be appreciated. Read Answers

I just purchased a 2003 Ford Explorer and the dealer told me I needed a downpayment of $2495. all I had was $780. so I gave them that and they wrote up a finance contact for me to pay them the additional money at $75 per month until the balance was paid off. They also wrote up a finance contract through the bank that said I put down the full amount of $2495. I have payments of $249 to the bank. Can the dealer do that? someone told me what they did was illegal. Read Answers

I'm a 16 year old girl and I found a VW Beetle. to be the first car I've ever owned if I buy it. The odometer is broken, but they think it has 130,000 miles on it. The list price is $3,995. I was wondering if a bug is a good first car? Are they reliable? Do they do well in crashes? My Dad is really good at working on cars and could do minor repair work if needed. Read Answers

I am in the market to purchase a car. I would like to know if I should lease or buy? What are the pros and cons of the two options? Thank you. Read Answers

Over the past year I have spent over $1,500 on repairs to my car (it has been driven 180,000 km's). My car has more problems. The brake lines are rusted, the locks on the front doors on either side no longer work properly (the key can't seem to be turned in the lock and takes forever to open, so I usually leave the car unlocked). Also, the car can't be driven on the highway for more than about 2 hours at a time - sometimes the engine overheats, the car sometimes can barely make it up a hill, sometimes cannot accelerate. Aside from the rusted brake lines and broken locks, it seems to drive well in the city. I'm trying to decide what I should do. I would like to look into buying a newer car. Should I get repairs done to this car to get it certified in order to sell it? Should I try to sell it "as is"? Do you think it's worthless and should be sold to an auto wrecker? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Read Answers

What are the most important questions to ask a private car owner before buying their car? Read Answers

Hi: My husband and I live in Canada, just across the border from Washington state. We have a 2004 Pontiac Vibe (built by Toyota) with 92,700 KM (about 68,000 miles) on it which we like, generally. It is going to need about $1200 in brakes and tires later this year, and the CD player is shot. Otherwise, it is fine, in great shape with no accidents, and never had any problems, although the gas mileage has always been about 5-6 MPG less than what it was rated for. We recently test drove the 2012 Toyota Matrix, which we like very much and can get for a net (after fees/taxes and selling the Vibe) of about $17 to $18 thousand, and it feels like a better car overall than our vibe. Problem is, our income has been very low (averaging about $25000 per year over the last few years and likely will not be any better this year). We spend more than I earn, but have savings we have been drawing from. I cannot work and my husband is sort of semi-retired, doing some consulting and teaching and still earning a little money through his business interests, and he is working on improving our income through other means, but he is not there yet. My dilemma is this: whether to get the new vehicle, or to drive the Vibe for another 5-10 years or until it quits, whichever comes first. We can get 3 years financing at 0% right now thru the dealer, despite the low income, but probably will not be able to get dealer financing down the road. A new and better vehicle seems pretty attractive now, particularly since it would look better on my husband re his image as a consultant/business person while he is still pursuing those things. What is your advice? Buy or hold? Read Answers

Does Chrysler offer an extended warranty that can be purchased through their dealers. I am getting mixed answers in three different states. Read Answers

Please help me! I purchased a used car from (business name removed). I was told that when I purchased the car I was also purchasing a "gold" warranty package. The only paperwork I remember signing was the actual contract that has Serv. Cont. and a price. 6 Weeks later I received my warranty package and it was for the "bronze" warranty. I have been fighting with the dealership ever since to get them to either give me the "gold" warranty like I believed I was getting or produce the document I signed showing I bought the "bronze". I have left them several messages and have been in the dealership several times. They have not returned phone calls and they have not produced the paperwork. I have made online complaints to the BBB and the Dept. of Consumer Affairs in Florida What do I do now? Read Answers

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