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Bogi Lateiner

Owner and Technician, 180 Degrees Automotive

Bogi developed an interest in automotive technology in high school, where she rebuilt her first car, a 1974 Volkswagon Beetle, and convinced the school board to continue funding industrial arts programs, arguing for the value of teaching skills that would be useful throughout life. After Graduating from Oberlin College in Ohio, where she majored in pre-law and women’s studies, Bogi decided to pursue her dream of becoming an auto mechanic. She earned her degree in Automotive Technology at Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ, and worked as a master BMW technician in New York and Arizona before starting 180 Degrees Automotive, a full service auto repair shop where she also offers classes in basic car care. Her Mission is to inform and empower her customers and students to take an active role in caring for their vehicles, and to encourage other women to pursue careers as auto mechanics.

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Bogi Lateiner recently answered these important automotive questions:

When I open the car doors on my Chevrolet Impala, there is a clicking sound from under the dash board. What could it be?

Read Answers

My family wagon has a new battery, new alternator and new cables. It worked great for about 6 days and now it will not home a charge. Please help! Read Answers

My daughter is 07 chevy cobalt died while driving on the highway. The code read reduced engine power. What could it be? Read Answers

My car recently had trouble starting and staying running. It was stalling and pinging while idling. I had my battery tested and that was okay. Any ideas what might be wrong? Read Answers

1998 Buick park ave., what is that noisy thing under dash that runs with heater and ac? Read Answers

What does it mean when the computer says, P0300, misfire cylinders? Is there air suspension, that keeps the car level, on uneven ground, such as an incline? Read Answers

Today while driving down the road, my 99 4 runner made a strange noise and then began to smell and put off a smoke or steam..not sure. Obviously I pulled over and turned off the vehicle. There was fluid leaking from underneath. When starting back made a very noticeable noise while running..maybe knocking like. Any ideas on what this could be? Read Answers

Ford F-350 Diesel Dualie, 7.3 turbo. 114,000 miles Having difficulty starting in cooler, but not freezing weather. If I plug in to warm the engine block it starts just fine. Could it be the glow plugs or residual problems from a bad tank of diesel (5 tanks ago)? The glow plugs are the originals. thanks so much for your input! Read Answers

I own a 2003 Nissan Murano. Lately I have noticed a fluid leaking from the rear of the car by a bracket on the rear axle. It is dirty and oily and smells of rust. Do you have any idea what it could be? I asked my mechanic and he said it wasn't a problem, but the leaked area on the garage floor is expanding. Thanks, Debbie Read Answers

In replacing a serpentine belt on a mini cooper S there is very little room; what is the best advice on loosening the tensioner Read Answers

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