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Miriam Schottland

CEO, Drivelab

Miriam Schottland is CEO of Drivelab, an innovative and intuitive driver training company. Ms.  Schottland founded Drivelab in 2008 to provide excellent drive education to more drivers across the nation.

Ms. Schottland brings over 20 years of experience teaching drivers of all skill levels,ranging from highly advanced (counter terrorism) to racing and street driving.  Her clientsincluded the FBI, DIA, AAA, various D.C. police departments, and the state department. She has served as chief instructor for the Mazda club, Porsche club, BMW club, and is currently chief instructor for the Northern Virginia Corvette Club.  She and Drivelab have most recently partnered with Virginia-based old dominion speedway to host affordable, high-quality teen and adult car control clinics.

A renowned speaker, Ms. Schottland has been featured extensively in the media, including the Washington Post, the Examiner, Washington Times, NBCTV news, and ABC news. In her spare time, Ms. Schottland races her own 911 Porsche.   As her student says,

"Drivelab teaches how to control a car, not how to pass a driver's test."

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