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Laurie Sarno

Co-Owner, Super Girls Auto

Laurie Sarno was born in San Louis Obispo CA in 1962 and moved to Littleton CO in 1965. She has a degree in Accounting & Nursing. She has 4 children (one of whom works with her in the family business) and worked in the Automotive Industry in the late 1970’s until the early 1980’s. In 2004 she returned to the automotive business as sales associate& manager discovering that in this male dominated business many customers were not treated with the respect they deserve.

She & her husband David (who has been in the automotive service business since 1974) decided to venture out on their own and opened Super Girls Auto Sales & Repair. As one of the few female owned licensed used car dealers in Colorado, she offers reasonably priced used vehicles, which have all been thoroughly inspected & necessary repairs made before being offered for sale. Also her quality of repairs and customer service has resulted in a high percentage of referral business.  Their business philosophy is to educate all customers about the operation of their vehicles as well as options concerning repair and maintenance.

Laurie Sarno recently answered these important automotive questions:

I have a 1998 Mercury Sable which I have owned for approx. 2 years. I do not of course know anything about the previous work done on it. It was brought to my attention during a recent oil change that the transmission fluid looked dirty and this particular place said for $200.00 they could flush, drain and fill the transmission. I called around to other area service places and got MANY different prices and opinions on what to do. I googled this and found that on older model cars if you DO NOT know the history of the car sometimes messing with the transmission can mess up the actual transmission as some of the gunk and grime is sort of what is keeping the car functioning. I do not want transmission problems. I have not been experiencing any trouble so far. I was wondering would it be best just to have like a Jiffy Lube - drain and fill the transmission? They do not replace filter. They either do the above or flush - drain - fill. No option 3 like drain, fill, change filter or is that something I can ask for from a service place? I am just perplexed. Thank you for reading this and hope to hear back from you. Cheryl Read Answers

I like to change my own oil & filter. but now my dash has a light that says maint due. how can I reset this auto timer for oil changes myself? thanks in advance Reynolds Read Answers

How much gas is getting used up by letting our 2002 SuperDuty F-250 idle in the driveway for 10, 20, 30 minutes! Dear Hubby thinks it is only drops...but I fear there is a bit too much ENGINE WEAR and GAS being used up. One a 30 degree day, how long does it take to get the engine ready? On a 40 degree day how long. Of course we want the cab warm, but we are usually well dressed for the elements, so that's only an excuse! Thanks for your wisdom, we are needing some here. Read Answers

The fan that blows the heat/defrost has stopped working when on the lower speeds. If I turn it all the way up to the highest speed it will blow but really hard. How can this happen? Is it a tough fix? Thanks, Carol Read Answers

What do you think the problem could be? car runs great at high speed but sometimes when I am coming to a stop or going real slow, it will die on me. I have taken it to a mechanic but he could find nothing wrong. it never died on him. I do not feel safe driving it because I never know when it will stall. it is a 1997 laredo. any thoughts would be very much appreciated. thank you. donna Read Answers

I have 2007 F150 Ford Truck, the trucks front end tremble, wobble, and vibrate when I step on the brakes. What is causing it? Read Answers

I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S and recently my check engine light lid up. I took it to the shop few days ago and the technician hook up his device to my car and told me that it is probably my catalytic converter that is causing the problem. He told me that the part alone is really expensive. Hence, I told him to turn off the light for now and ill think about it. He also said that if it is really that problem (cat) the light will eventually light up again; so he advice me to just drive it around and see. He said that if the light comes back on and does not go away by itself, then it is probably the sensor(s) problem (which is cheaper to fix). But if the light just keeps going on and off (e.g. on for three days and off for three weeks), then it is probably the catalytic converter and I should replace it. Are all these information true? And if it is really my catalytic converter that is causing the problem, do I have to fix it? Will it cause greater damage(s) if I do not? how about safety issue? If I do have to fix it, can someone give me an estimate? The shop quotes me around $1,000 including a new catalytic converter + back sensor + labor and today, the light just pop back on again, what should i do? p.s. I am a girl that does not understand too much about cars, so I am sorry if I am asking a stupid question. Thank you Read Answers

We are having a radiator leak issue. We have replaced the radiator clamp and then the hose itself. However, it is quite strange that the clamp begins to loosen overnight (may be due to the cold). We tighten it every morning and that seems to stop the leak. We continue to check it throughout the day and it is still tight, however, again in the morning it is loose and leaking again. How can we fix this problem? Read Answers

What would be the approximate cost to repair brake wires that a rodent has eaten through..causing the ABS light to come on?..Thank you Read Answers

I have a 1988 Honda Accord LX. My car stalls and then will not restart; This has happened : 1. While it is warming up in the morning. Or 2. After I have used the car the entire day, I have come home and then tried to re-start the car a couple of hours later. The engine will crank but not start. Read Answers

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