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Stephanie Gutierrez

Marketing Communications Coordinator, Victory Auto Service & Glass

Stephanie Gutierrez is the Marketing Communications Coordinator for Victory Auto Service & Glass - an auto repair business with four locations in Minneapolis, MN that is Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly. She developed a social media strategy for the company and developed it at a time when few auto repair shops were actively using social media. Now, Victory Auto has one of the most active Facebook pages within the auto repair industry.

Stephanie's primary desire, that she brings into all aspects of Victory Auto's marketing, is to help make automotive messages easy for women - and everyone - to understand.

She grew up knowing little to nothing about anything automotive and always felt overwhelmed and ignorant when taking her car in to be repaired. When she met the owner of Victory Auto, Jeff Matt, he and the entire staff, made her feel comfortable and understood for the first time. Several years later, Stephanie then came on staff with the expressed purpose of helping Victory Auto to articulate online and on paper the genuineness and honesty that they were already expressing in person.

The efforts paid off. In 2010, the BBB awarded Victory Auto with their Integrity Award. And because women make up the primary users of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Victory Auto has been able to connect with their current female customers online and many new customers, as well.

Stephanie also led the remodel on their locations to make the spaces more updated and comfortable. Additionally, she helped with a redesign of their website to make it more user friendly, helpful and informative. Her motto at work is, "If I can't understand it, then no one else will be able to either. Make it simple. Make it practical. Make it convenient."

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