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Jessie L Thatcher

F&I and Sales Specialist, Reynolds and Reynolds Company (Retired)

Jessie has over 17 years front end retail dealership experience. Currently she provides consulting for auto dealerships and other business helping to identify their customer service and process issues and helping them to improve their use of new technologies.

As a retiree from the Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading automotive software provider, Jessie was involved in the development and quality control for new and innovative F&I and Retail Sales software product development for automotive dealerships across the country. As a consultant for Reynolds & Reynolds she visited many customers across the United States to help them improve and realign their front end processes and work to improve their customer service operations. 

Her experience extends throughout all of the front end dealership operations including Sales, Sales Management and Finance and Insurance Departments. She began her career in retail automotive sales and in her first year won the Salesperson of the Year for the Buick GMC store during her second year she was honored as the #1 Buick Salesperson in the country, appearing on national television and also being featured on national sales roundtables. She held positions as Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, F&I Manager, and Director of Finance & Insurance for a multi-franchise dealer. During her time in the dealerships, Jessie developed training programs for new and experienced sales staff with a heavy focus on Leasing and Customer Satisfaction and how to deal with the entire customer base with a heavy emphasis on their female customers. 

Jessie was one of the few women to attend and graduated from GMI's Dealer Management Academy and helped to open the doors for other women in her area dealerships. 

Jessie is experienced in process definition and management, is a certified ISO Internal Auditor and trained as a lead auditor for the ISO 9001:2000 standards and GM's TS standards.

Jessie L Thatcher recently answered these important automotive questions:

Hello, I have a general question I hope you can give me better insight on. I recently seen a used car posted online for the price 17.774. The car was traded in this past weekend so when I seen it they hadn't cleaned it out yet from the trade deal. Upon going up to the dealership and going through all the "negotiations" I went back to the financing department to finalize the deal. To make a long story, the financing individual documented the Base Vehicle price at 18,395. When I asked her why the price was 18,395 she said because it included fees and freight. The title tax, processing fees, etc are documented on my contract but the so called freight was added in the price of the car. I asked her why It wasn't documented and she claimed they do that with all their cars to make their prices more competitive, and so they can get their 6% from the government or something. She said on all contracts the freight line is listed N/A. My argument is if the price of the vehicle was advertised at 17,774 should that have been documented at the base vehicle price or are they legit in adding the "freight" charge in the base price and writing that down? Your answers will really be appreciated. Read Answers

I just purchased a 2003 Ford Explorer and the dealer told me I needed a downpayment of $2495. all I had was $780. so I gave them that and they wrote up a finance contact for me to pay them the additional money at $75 per month until the balance was paid off. They also wrote up a finance contract through the bank that said I put down the full amount of $2495. I have payments of $249 to the bank. Can the dealer do that? someone told me what they did was illegal. Read Answers

Three in One: Questions In 2009 I leased a 2009 S40 Volvo (6,800 miles to start). The lease was a 5 year lease and it will be up in August. It needs new tires and some minor body damage due to snow and ice. Would it be better to pay off the lease now,(pay around $9,600) or at the end in August and pay the $7000. ? Or, Turn it in immediately and not take on the cost of new tires (approx. $1000 +380. for body repair) and see if a Honda or a Subaru dealer would give me something off (and how much could I expect to get ?) on a new 2015 Honda CV-R or a Subaru Forrester AWD. I've come to realize after last winter in the NE, it would be very nice to have AWD. Although I am satisfied with my Volvo S40 with that exception. My Volvo has 31,300 miles at this point. If I did the latter, would it be better to lease or buy the Honda or Subaru? I was looking forward to having no or low car payments as the City taxes and insurance on the Volvo have been difficult and high. While the Honda CR-Vhas lower insurance rates with a new Honda than what I am paying for the Volvo S40. I've research both Honda CR-V and Subrau Forrester and CrossTec and see them as good cars. But I am stuck on which would be financially the best for me to do. Buy new or Lease ? Or keep the Volvo and lower car payments. ???? I am a single woman, 70yrs.old and have no one to talk this over with, so I would really appreciate you answering all of my questions so I can make a final decision. I don't drive very much. No long trips, just around the town. Apprx. 6,000 mi.per yr. I hope to hear from you sooner rather than later, as a lot of dealers are calling me with their "deals". I have written to you before, but your answer came in so late, it was after the fact. I have written to you before, but you answer came in so late, it was after the fact. What should I do ? Buy or lease?( Leasing seems a little less expensive and I will have 36,000 mi warr. But the Volvo probably still has many years of life in it and lower payoff costs.) Thank you very much for your assessment of this car buying/leasing dilemma. Thank you for having this service for women. Read Answers

I'm self-employed, but the only evidence I have of income our my own logs and my tax return. I've got $1000 cash to put down on a car and my current car is worth at least $2500. I'm going to be looking for a used Toyota or Honda in the $8000 range. Should I expect any problems with the self-employment status or my credit score? Since I have so little proof of income other than tax returns, I wonder if this will be enough? I'm not sure what to expect! Thank you!! Read Answers

I'm a 16 year old girl and I found a VW Beetle. to be the first car I've ever owned if I buy it. The odometer is broken, but they think it has 130,000 miles on it. The list price is $3,995. I was wondering if a bug is a good first car? Are they reliable? Do they do well in crashes? My Dad is really good at working on cars and could do minor repair work if needed. Read Answers

I just bought a Suzuki Reno and not even a week later problems started occurring. As it turns out they had the wrong spark plugs and wires in there causing severe misfires and a check engine light with multiple codes. It took so long for them to address the issue that i finally had to get it fixed, and the warranty they sold me for 1380 that covered none of that. So the question is what actions can i take to either get reimbursed or to let others know of their cruddy business ethic? Read Answers

Where can I find a new car? Read Answers

I am in the market to buy a vehicle and I found what I wanted and it is pre-owned certified 2009 Jaguar XJ. When I went to test drive the car, it was gone for the weekend, a manager had taken it. When I went back the following weekend the manager had been fired and the car had scratches that were not initially there. Despite the ordeal I would like to buy the car, but as a no negotiating car company may I ask for a deeper discount? Should I ask to have the car looked over by a third party to check for further unseen damages? Read Answers

I have been leasing a Honda Civic LX 4 door Sedan for several years now. The lease is almost up so I have been looking at 2012 cars to start a new lease. There is some damage to the Civic. Scratches on the roof and side and a deep scratch/dent on the left side lower panel. This is causing concern for the dealers who see my car. If I fix the damage to the car, then I won't have any money to put down on a replacment. I have about $1500 saved to put down on a new car. It seems that I cannot afford a used car due to the monthly payments required, so I probabaly have to lease again to keep the cost down. My current payment is $202/month. Many of the dealers are telling me that I will need to put down $3000 and my monthly payments are still likely to be above $200/month. Also, my teenage son is 6'3" and still growing. We are hoping to get a hatchback with enough leg room for his size that is affordable for me, but I'm getting very discouraged. I can't really afford the down payment that seems necessary to acquire a 2012, nor can I really afford to have my monthly payments go up. An older used car makes me feel unsafe and I'm afraid I might encounter costly repairs with an older car. Any suggestions on a car that might be in my price range or a dealer in the Boston area that would work with me? I'm running out of time as the lease ends in September. I did ask the finance company if I could extend the lease, but they frown on that because then the car doesn't have a warranty to protect it. Thanks for any guidance/advice. Read Answers

I am considering buying a Subaru Outback, especially after Jody DeVere told me she likes them! Does it make more sense to buy the newer model or the previous model year? The difference in cost is $873 more for the newer model, but I understand there are only very minor changes for the new year. I drive at least 20k miles per year, and want to get the most from my money. Thank you! Read Answers

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