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Julie Scroggins

Vice President, CFO, Waukegan Tire and Supply Company Inc.

Julie Scroggins is Vice President and CFO of Waukegan Tire & Supply Company Inc. headquartered in Waukegan, IL.  Since 1968, Waukegan Tire has earned a reputation as THE Tire and Wheel Experts throughout Northern Illinois, Chicago and the Milwaukee metro areas.

Julie has worked in the tire & wheel industry for over thirty years, alongside her father, Jerry Nerheim.  She was encouraged from a very young age to learn all that she could about the business, about cars and to be self reliant.  She has fond memories of being required to learn how to change the tires and the oil in the 1978 family station wagon before she could apply for her driver’s license.  She remains very grateful to her parents for raising her without limitations and tries to pass that gift on to her three children, Mary Ann, Chris and Mabel.

With her brother Steve Nerheim, Vice President of Operations work is truly a family affair.  The “family” doesn’t stop there as many of the eighty plus employees also have relatives working for the company.

Julie is proud that all four Waukegan Tire locations are Certified Female Friendly through Ask   She is honored to be part of the Ask Patty panel of experts.

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Julie Scroggins recently answered these important automotive questions:

The front two tires on my Pontiac 2000 are about to go, they are 225/50's. I have an s10 with matching rims with 205/70's. Can I do a switch or is that too big of a difference? Read Answers

Hello I was wondering if it would be safe to put a set of 225 75 R16 inch set of tires on my Ford Escape 4x4. Thank you Read Answers

I'm looking for a new set of 17" tires for my Audi A4 Quattro. I live in Wisconsin so snow is a factor. I drive less than 10k per year but I drive spiritedly. My main concerns are cornering ability and noise. I want to not be mushy in the corners, but yet still a comfortable, quiet ride. I'm thinking an all-season rather than any dedicated summer or winter tire. Thank you! Read Answers

Hi, I would like to purchase a set of used winter tires for my Nissan Pathfinder. I found as set (tire and rims) which was installed on 2011 Ford Edge. The tire size is 235/70R17. The bolt patterns are the same but the center bore is 1mm larger on the PF. Will this fit my PF SL with 18 inch tires. thanks Read Answers

My Ford truck tires are 275 70r18 if I went with a 17 inch rim. What's the biggest tire size I could go with? Read Answers

I'm considering changing tire sizes on my Volkswagen CC from 235/40 R18 to 245/40 R18s. How will this affect performance of my vehicle, gas mileage, and anything else? I also want a good performing tire. I've been recommended Yokohama YK580s over Nitto Motivo. Which is better performance wise? Thank you, JB Read Answers

I just had my 2014 Honda Odyssey's wheels rotated. Now my car pulls to the left on the freeway. Could they have messed up my alignment? Read Answers

Why would my front tires be pulling in toward each other even though I just fixed the ball joints on my 2001 Jeep Cherokee? Read Answers

I hit a pothole yesterday and my 2011 Nissan Sentra began to wobble. I realized my tire was effected and was losing air. I'm unsure of the size of my tires but I inserted fix-a-flat (for tires of 14") and not much happened. I drove to the gas station to insert air and my tire filled up 3/4 the way. I drove about 8 miles heading home when I decided to stop and fill my tire with air the rest of the way. How long will the fix-a-flat maintain the air level in my tires? It's cold now here in Michigan so will that prolong the air hold in my tire? Must I change the tire or how will I know if I need to purchase or repair my tire? If I have all-weather tires is there a greater possibility that the fix-a-flat permanently fixed the issue? I need on help determining the best yet low cost next step. Read Answers

I have a 2007 Chevy Impala LS that I bought with 2005 chevy monte carlo rims and tires on it. Is that ok to have on there or should I replace it with original rims and tires. The orginal Tire size is P225/60R16 but the one on there now are P235/55R17. Read Answers

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