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I just bought an 08 Dodge Avenger, when it is warm the car starts with no problems. Lastnight it got cold, and this morning it won't start. It doesn't turn over, it doesn't make a sound... All of the dash lights come on, there's plenty of fuel in it, there is a light that now comes on that is like a thunder bolt (unsure of what it is) the only other light that is on and has been on is an exclamation point below my D on my dash, which when I read a little it said it was the tire pressure..

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Brandy Schaffels, Editor at, Inc. You can download a copy of the owners manual for your Dodge Avenger at this link: That should help you find the descriptions for each of the dash lights. Yes, the exclamation mark inside the half-circle is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and when the weather gets cold, the tires can often lose enough pressure to trigger the sensor. This can be resolved by simply adding air to the tires to reach their recommended pressure, which can be found inside the driver's door jamb. As for the other light, according to the information on page 177, the light you have described could be the Electronic Throttle Control Indicator Light: 18. Electronic Throttle Control Indicator Light This red illuminated light informs you of a problem with the Electronic Throttle Control system. If a problem is detected, the light will come on while the engine is running. If the light remains lit with the engine running your vehicle will usually be drivable and not need towing, however see your dealer for service as soon as possible. If the light is flashing when the engine is running you may experience power loss, an elevated/rough idle, and increased brake pedal effort, and your vehicle may require towing. Immediate service is required. Not sure whether you received any kind of warranty when you purchased your used car; you may want to follow up with the used car dealership to see if they have any kind of repair program. If that doesn't work out, please find an AskPatty Certified Repair Shop at and they can help you diagnose and repair the problem.

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