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I bought my 2013 Dodge Avenger brand new in November 2012, I have never had any problems with it or any lights come on except the low tire light, today I started my car and the check engine light came on and hasn't gone off. Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jeannie, You very well may be under warranty still, I recommend that you contact your dealership as they may be able to diagnose and repair free of charge per your warranty. You also may be able to visit your local auto pasts store, many can read your codes for free of charge as well.

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection My first inclination is to ask when you last put gas in the car. The most common cause of this issue is that you did not completely seal the fuel cap. You can go to a lot of shops that will check this out on their computer for free and let you know. Most of the time, a check engine light is an emissions issue like a fuel cap or O2 sensor. It is not an emergency, but get it checked as soon as you have time.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at Take it back to the dealership and have the check engine light scanned for codes. No way to tell until you do that!

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive There are many things that can cause a check engine light to come on. This car should still be under warranty. I would be well worth the time to bring it back to the dealer and have them check it out for you.

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