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When do I change my brake pads with out having to turn or get new rotors?

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Jo An Holt, Automotive Journalist at Holt & Associates No special time. You should always machine the rotors to do a proper brake job. If the rotor thickness is below specifications it must be replaced. With the new metallic brake pads, you don't just throw on a set of pads. The rotor surfaces must be prepared.

Karen Salvaggio, Owner/ Editor Thunder Valley Racing and Professional Race Car Driver at Thunder Valley Racing You need to monitor the wear of the brake pad material. You can do this by safely removing the wheel/tire, and inspecting the brake pads to assure they are not worn down to the scrapers or to the backing plate. Modern brake pads have a small metal tab which will begin to lightly scrape on the rotor and make a metal to metal sound when the brake pads are worn.

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