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1986 K30 4x4, belongs to my husband, I want to replace the front brakes and calipers fro his b-day. I read a lot of instrucrtions and advice on the net. The only item is that all sites do not show where does the anti-rattle clip is located. I understand how it all goes together except the clip. do you have any advise or diagram??? during the brake change, if it becomes too complicated, as a back-up, i called a mobile mechanic that would finish them for me, but I prefer to complete it myself.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Angelica, 1 Unbolt the brake caliper from its mounting point using a socket wrench. Turn the caliper over and remove the brake pad retaining pins with a screwdriver. Pull the brake pads out of the caliper and discard them. 2 Place the anti-rattle clip between the new brake pads, aligning the holes on the brake pads' metal backing plates with the loops on the anti-rattle clip. 3 Press the brake caliper pistons into the caliper housing using a C-clamp and slip the brake pads and anti-rattle clip into the caliper. 4 Align the holes on the brake pads' metal backing plates with the holes on the brake caliper. Check that the anti-rattle clip loops are lined up with the brake pad holes. Insert the retaining pins through the caliper, brake pads and anti-rattle clip loops.

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