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I lost my intelligent key and its an emergency that i start it , how do i start it

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Diana Merrill Claussen, Automotive Journalist at unfortunately without the chip located inside the key it will not work. most vehicle locksmiths are equipped with 'intelligent' keys and should be able to re-key for you. Contact locksmith and make sure they are equipped to do this before they come out.

Stephanie Gutierrez, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Victory Auto Service & Glass Joanne, the security measure prevents any other key without that chip from starting your car. You do have a few options however. One is to contact your local dealership and supply them with your VIN number and they can have a new key made for you. A second option, depending on your area, is to see if you have a local mobile key service in your area. If so, they can come directly to you and make you a new key. You will be required to show a photo ID in most states and verify you are the owner of the car for either service. Hope this helps!

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