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On Mar 10th, Patti, owner of a Ford Taurus, asked Patty:
I have a 2001 Ford Taurus, the door ajar light is on but no doors are ajar. Also the power locks quit working when this happened. The remote lock does work. Any ideas???
door ajar light Ford Taurus power locks

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Bogi Lateiner, Owner and Technician at 180 Degrees Automotive
Hi Patti! I would start with checking fuses... however you likely have a door lock actuator or a door jam switch that is failed or failing. See if all the doors lock and unlock with the remote lock - if one doesn*t that is the one with the culprit actuator. If they all work than you are likely looking at a door jam switch, it may have failed completely or may just have bad contacts. Definitely try fuses first and than do some investigative work to narrow it down. If the car thinks your door is open it may keep various systems awake when the car is off and can drain your battery - so I*d get it looked at sooner rather than later, and in the meantime switch your dome light to stay off all the time. Good luck! Bogi 180 Degrees Automotive Connect with AskPatty on: YouTube: MySpace: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Flickr:
⟩ Answered on Mar 11th, 2009 by Bogi Lateiner, Owner and Technician at 180 Degrees Automotive

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