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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Michelle, Not sure where you heard that you will get a discount if you pay cash. Cash, a Check from your personal checking account or a loan from your own bank, it is all worth the same to the Dealer. The reason they prefer to finance the loan is because they make money on it. You might not want to tell the dealer you have a vehicle to trade in until you get a solid price for the vehicle you want to buy. If you tell them up front, they may just move the numbers around to make the deal look good, but not give you much for your VW. If you are looking for a dealer who will deal fairly with you, go back to the Ask Patty Website and put in the zip code to find a Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly Dealer. They have taken courses, tests and are monitored by Ask Patty to make sure they will do right by the women of the world! All My Best, Amy Mattinat Author: "How To Buy A Great Used Car" available: PS: Honda Civics are great cars. Fun to drive, safe, reliable and cost effective. BUT, Don

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